The research topic of the UPCON2018 Conference and the Spring School covers the scientific areas and working programme identified in the COST Action programme, as the critical issues for the progress and development in upconversion technology.

These include:


WG 1. Materials Research and Photophysical Characterization

1. More homogeneous distribution of dopant ions and improved core shell UCNMs

2. Avoiding the formation of sodium vacancies and isomorphic substitution of sodium ions

3. Shifting the excitation wavelength from 980 nm to lower NIR wavelengths

4. Plasmonic enhancement of UCNMs

5. Identification of energy loss channels by time-dependent luminescence spectroscopy

6. Reference materials


WG 2. Surface Functionalisation

1. Dispersibility

2. Biocompatibility

3. Coupling of biomolecules

4. Long-term stability


WG 3. Instrument Development

1. Instruments for measuring absolute quantum yields and luminescence lifetime of UCNMs

2. Laser development

3. Development of a single molecule microscope for UCNMs

4. Development and customisation of instruments


WG 4. Assays, Sensors and Imaging

1. Diagnostic assays

2. Chemo- and biosensors

3. Encoding schemes for multiplexed analyte detection

4. Fluorescence imaging and microscopy

5. Single molecule applications


WG 5. Toxicity

1. Interaction with cells

2. Cytotoxicity testing

3. Safety Evaluation



During the meeting, the most recent trends in upconversion nanomaterials will be addressed.  Keynote lectures given by well-known scientists, and oral and poster contributions on the main topics will be presented.  A round table with representatives from different research fields will be organized.